Shopify Connection Guide

While registering for Shoppr, you’ll be asked to integrate your store – Select Shopify and provide a name for your Shopify Store(Name will help you uniquely identify this store in case you have multiple Shopify stores integrated).


For shop URL, login into your Shopify account admin page.

After logging in to your account, enter the first part of your store’s Shopify URL to Shoppr connection page – If your store’s URL is, just enter ‘teststore’.  

On the connection page, click on ‘connect’ 

Once you’ve logged in – you’ll have the option to continue integrating a Marketing Channel, your Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Mailchimp account. You can skip this and proceed to explore Shoppr for now and add your marketing channels later on (skip to this section).

If you want to continue with the integration – select the channel you want to integrate and give it a name.