Multi-Channel Insights

What Are Multi-Channel Insights?

Imagine a day when your customer has the choice to buy your product from an exclusive store, an e-commerce website, and your Facebook page? Yay for sales, but how do you know what sells the best where? You could compare the information manually. Or you could collate information from different sales channel. Multi-Channel Insight is the ability to collect information from different sources and gain insight through comparison and contrast. Compare sales and orders across different sales channels and you can see how to get maximum information from minimum work!

Why Are Multi-Channel Insights Important?

A customer connected to you over multiple channels is likely to spend three to four times a regular customer. From a business point-of-view, it may increase your efforts in setting up multiple channels and interacting through all of them. However, with a customer base that is willing to spend more, it is all the more necessary to understand their buying behaviour and how it changes! A customer may react better to a personalized online promotional e-mail compared to an in-store coupon. The ability to find this information and using it would increase your sales.

Shoppr’s Multi-Channel Insights

Developed with the ability of grouping people without putting sharp edges around the group definition, Shoppr is flexible by nature. What does that mean? It means Shoppr does the Customer Profiling for you, but the parameters of that profiling can change depending on context. You may call that flaky, we prefer to call it flippin’ awesome!

The parameters keep changing because people and their decision process keeps changing. Shoppr, running on its magical secret sauce, will take these changing factors (from previous orders to current trends and from a generic customer view to individual profiles) into consideration to create accurate in-the-moment profiles. You can take it forward from there.