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Our customised recommendations helps plan your campaigns more effectively, and saves nearly 70% of your time.

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How Shoppr Works?

Shoppr analyzes historical data from your E-commerce store and marketing channels and presents the results in an user friendly format. You will know what's working and what's not in a glance, saving nearly 70% of your time.

Superior Analytics customized to your Sales and Growth Targets

Our smart analytics helps you make better decisions that translate into higher sales. Sync your store’s historical performance with your sale’s targets, and take an informed decision for your next campaign.

Reach the right target customer, Improve engagement rates

Shoppr segments your customers based on their purchasing and browsing patterns, helping you target them specifically across multiple integrated marketing channels. 

Never miss an opportunity due to lack of proper data

Shoppr seamlessly blends the key metrics from your store and all your marketing channels, and presents the data in an user friendly interface, which is heavy on data but light on your eyes. Get a holistic view of everything that impacts your business in a short span of time with Shoppr.


Make Ad Spends work better for you

Enhance your Return on Investment by tracking Track Ad Campaign performance across multiple networks

Get more data points, better clarity

40 different metrics across Sales, Marketing and Product dashboards in an extremely user friendly interface which is easy to understand

Specialised Insights that drives Growt

Tailor made insights crunched from your marketing data will help you set goals & grow sustainably

Save time, get more done

Save 70% of your time with Shoppr's analytics presented on an integrated dashboard. Shoppr is a one stop hub for all your paid acquisition and marketing activities

Be ahead of the race with your next campaign

Be the first one to track the trends and get early signs from your target market with the help of Shoppr's deep analytics to design your next strategic campaign. Save costs, sell more at a faster rate.

Attract & retain repeat Customers

Shoppr’s Customer Segments and target Ads help you identify customers who’re likely to purchase again. Reach them before your competition does.

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