Shoppr is an analytical solution striving to give e-commerce sellers an edge.

Shoppr came to be when we saw there’s a lack of technological support for e-commerce sellers. Global retail e-commerce market at the end of 2017 was over $2.3 trillion, and it is growing. Over this time, a lot of entrepreneurs have established personalized online stores through Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and other e-commerce platforms. This paved the way for a competitive market in need of strong marketing and in-depth analytics to stay ahead of the curve, with no perfect solution serving this need. Hence Shoppr!


Enabling e-commerce entrepreneurs and marketers to take control of their marketing channels and help them grow & build great e-commerce brands – with the help of data they never had access to, powering growth-oriented marketing and business decisions.


Serve a seamless experience for e-commerce entrepreneurs & marketers, give them insights that inspire confidence in their decisions, built with the latest technologies(& lots of passion)

Nikunj Thakkar

Founder & CEO

Nikunj holds a Masters degree in Information and Technology from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and communication technology (DA-IICT). He was also selected for Google Summer of Code in 2013 and worked with Vienna University on Building Monitoring system.

Amoli Rajgor

Data Analyst

Amoli has a keen interest in streaming algorithms, solving open problems of Linear Algebra and origami. Wacky, we know. She is also a big time melophile and cinephile.

Mitesh Tagadiya

Software Engineer

Mitesh is passionate about open source technologies and he likes to contribute to community by building opensource applications. He is the happy-go-lucky human, tasked with keeping everyone happy.

Shubham Shah


Shubham is a computer enthusiast attracted to make the better world by solving real life problems, thinking out of the nutshell. Delving to know happenings in world. He is always in the hunt to learn new things.

Yash Joshi

Software Engineer

Yash is software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. He is skilled in Java, Data Structures and Algorithms. In his spare time, he enjoys Chess and Painting.

Shreyash Yadav


Shreyash is very enthusiastic about learning new tactics. He likes to keep himself up to date with the latest market trends & news. Exploring ways for the functional application of technology to achieve an organization’s growth is his core interest. He is also an avid reader & solivagant.