The stats that BigCommerce isn’t showing you.

Get a Complete View of your business that’s causing you to lose 2x of your revenue due to lack of data.

The stats that BigCommerce isn’t showing you.

Get a Complete View of your business that’s causing you to lose 2x of your revenue due to lack of data. ​

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Shoppr Makes BigCommerce Data-Analysis Easy

Find important metrics that can 2x your business.

Visitor and User stats​

Know how many people are visiting your store and how many visitors signed up as users, how many of the registered users are inactive and could potentially be re-engaged using an email or a Facebook Ad.

Sales & Orders Analytics

Products and categories that bring in the most in sales, Product performance based on orders to let you know about what sells best on your store and makes you the most money in sales.

Easy Retargeting

Simple to understand analytics with insights + Facebook, Google & MailChimp integration enable targeting specific visitors/users on these Ad platforms, helping you make most of your Ad spend.

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BigCommerce Analytics

More Data on your Customers(and comparatively easier to read)

User segmenting based on behavior & retargeting via Ads & Email

AI-powered Insights & Recommendations for ROI focused spending

Tools for building great
E-Commerce Brands ​

Marketing operations for your BigCommerce store can get confusing and ROI negative really quick if you’re not focusing on the right indicators, especially so for e-commerce. If you’re running your e-commerce store on Bigcommerce, a lot of data is being collected – while only some of it is available at your disposal in form of raw metrics. By the time you bring all this segmented information in one place, it could really affect the impact your marketing spend will have because of the lost time and customer intent. Apart from this, customer acquisition is highly inefficient with generalized targeting across all advertising platforms – engagement levels remain more or less the same and your target audience turns blind to your messages and ultimately resulting in sub-par sales and growth metrics for your e-commerce store. This happens to be a big problem not just for BigCommerce Store owners, but every other independent e-commerce seller, D2C companies and legacy brands trying to sell online.
Shoppr addresses the above-mentioned problems for marketing your e-commerce store running on BigCommerce, by providing you with multi-channel insights in one place along with the right recommendations and actions to make the best out of marketing spends on your e-commerce store. Also, all of your customers’ and visitors data are processed to build hyper-accurate segmenting, which then helps you target the people using our Facebook, Google Ads and MailChimp integrations, who already know about you, having interacted with your BigCommerce store or some other of your marketing channel before – are more likely to convert in the near future. All of this ultimately combines to give your products and brand better recall, higher conversions and consistent brand experience across channels.