The stats that Magento isn’t showing you.

Get a Complete View of your business that’s causing you to lose 2x of your revenue due to lack of data.

The stats that Magento isn’t showing you.

Get a Complete View of your business that’s causing you to lose 2x of your revenue due to lack of data.

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Shoppr Makes Magento Data-Analysis Easy

Find important metrics that can 2x your business.

Visitor and User stats​

Know how many people are visiting your store and how many visitors signed up as users, how many of the registered users are inactive and could potentially be re-engaged using an email or a Facebook Ad.

Sales & Orders Analytics

Products and categories that bring in the most in sales, Product performance based on orders to let you know about what sells best on your store and makes you the most money in sales.

Easy Retargeting

Simple to understand analytics with insights + Facebook, Google & MailChimp integration enable targeting specific visitors/users on these Ad platforms, helping you make most of your Ad spend.

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Magento BI

Simple and straightforward - Focus on metrics and that matter

User segmenting based on behavior & retargeting via Ads & Email

AI-powered Insights & Recommendations for ROI focused spending

Tools for building great
E-Commerce Brands

Operating an e-commerce store on Magento Platform, How are you making the most of your marketing and customer data? Existing tools and services that measure and present bare metrics on your e-commerce store aren’t efficient in helping you make marketing and product decisions to help your store grow and aren’t tailor-made for e-commerce, then often requiring the involvement of experts or marketers. The primary reason being there no direct link between the real-time metrics and your store’s target/goal metrics, which is what enables in making ROI focused decisions on your marketing campaigns and channels. Being able to view all of this data as one and building context can get really tough to do single-handedly and building a Marketing flow optimized for Brand building a far-fetched reality. Magento’s Business Intelligence suite being too comprehensive and priced high doesn’t help smaller growing entrepreneurs – Shoppr’s Analytics platform is perfect for small-mid size entrepreneurs running e-commerce stores on Magento wanting to grow and build bigger, more profitable brands out of their business by giving you access to data and insights from all your marketing channels like your website, social media pages and emails in one place and giving you the bigger picture on how your marketing message and products on your store are performing. Also, you’ll see all the useful stuff like a few crucial visitor stats and customer analytics – helping you filter important signals from the noise, make better marketing decisions by targeting better, yielding better ROI on your ad spends, creating better recall for your brand and growing in terms of sales and conversions on your Magento store.