Advanced Analytics
For Shopify​

Advanced Analytics
For Shopify​

Visitor and User stats​

Know how many people are visiting your store and how many visitors signed up as users, how many of the registered users are inactive and could potentially be re-engaged using an email or a Facebook Ad.

Sales & Orders Analytics

Products and categories that bring in the most in sales, Product performance based on orders to let you know about what sells best on your store and makes you the most money in sales.

Easy Retargeting

Simple to understand analytics with insights + Facebook, Google & MailChimp integration enable targeting specific visitors/users on these Ad platforms, helping you make most of your Ad spend.

Shoppr AI
Shopify Analytics

User segmenting based on behavior & retargeting via Ads & Email

More data on your customers & Easy to read

AI-powered Insights & Recommendations for ROI focused spending

Tools for building great
E-Commerce Brands ​

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you spend a lot of time on marketing trying to understand bare metrics from different platforms like Google Analytics, Shopify Analytics, Facebook Insights, trying to gather context on your audience and often times missing key insights between all the noise and losing out on time to make quick decisions while your visitor/user’s attention span lasts. This is the key reason for the poor performance of advertising campaigns among e-commerce sellers as they witness abnormal churn of the audience they acquired through these advertising campaigns. Generalizing your target audience isn’t a long term solution – your target audience to run marketing for has to be the people who already know about you and carry genuine intent to engage with you. Being able to manipulate data to derive insights for marketing is crucial to building engagement and advocacy around your e-commerce brand and currently, entrepreneurs don’t have access to such tools to help their e-commerce business grow systematically.
Shoppr’s Analytics and Insights can help you make critical decisions when it comes to strategy and marketing for products and services on your Shopify store – without having to run around trying to make sense from bare metrics. While individually managing your marketing channels, you’re letting go of the context that could be gained by having all of the data feed in and be processed to provide great insights. Shoppr has been designed for entrepreneurs and marketers alike, and helps you focus only on the important stuff, like the people who are, actually care about your products and your brand by helping you segment your customers accurately and engage with them accordingly on various platforms like Google, Facebook and Email – so you can work your making your visitors turn into customers who love and adore your products.