The stats that Woocommerce isn’t showing you

Get a Complete View of your business that’s causing you to lose 2x of your revenue due to lack of data.

The stats that Woocommerce isn’t showing you

Get a Complete View of your business that’s causing you to lose 2x of your revenue due to lack of data.

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Shoppr Makes WooCommerce Data-Analysis Easy

Find important metrics that can 2x your business.

Visitor and User stats​

Know how many people are visiting your store and how many visitors signed up as users, how many of the registered users are inactive and could potentially be re-engaged using an email or a Facebook Ad.

Sales & Orders Analytics

Products and categories that bring in the most in sales, Product performance based on orders to let you know about what sells best on your store and makes you the most money in sales.

Easy Retargeting

Simple to understand analytics with insights + Facebook, Google & MailChimp integration enable targeting specific visitors/users on these Ad platforms, helping you make most of your Ad spend.

Shoppr AI

User segmenting based on behavior & retargeting via Ads & Email

More data on your customers & Easy to read

AI-powered Insights & Recommendations for ROI focused spending

Tools for building great
E-Commerce Brands

Running Marketing for your WooCommerce store with the current set of tools and services in isolation complicates things further and robs you of much-needed context. Apart from this, not-so-great analytics on the WooCommerce platform makes maintaining and keeping track of your customers ever more painful. Marketing for your WooCommerce store invariably becomes resource intensive and at the same time doesn’t provide the best ROI often resulting in poor brand recall, churn in traffic and poor sales growth despite all that Marketing investment. You lose out on sales dollars by not acting on customers impulsive intent while they visited your e-commerce store, or engaged with your advertisement online. Shoppr’s advanced analytics for WooCommerce stores enables e-commerce entrepreneurs like you to make critical decisions, by pulling in data from all your marketing channels and presenting it as useful information along with actionable insights using this data in time, so you can re-engage your visitors and turn them into your loyal customers without having to involve experts or marketers making it cost and time efficient while giving you the freedom to own your marketing operations. Shoppr accurately segments your website visitors and users as well – which gives you a bigger picture of your customer’s behaviour on your e-commerce website and further helps you engage them on relevant platforms, creating a strong recall for your brand in the customer’s head and helping you create a powerful e-commerce brand on the back of great presence and user experience using Shoppr’s Retargeted advertising and segmenting features.