Connecting your BigCommerce with Shoppr

On Signing up, you’ll be prompted with options for a store to connect. Select BigCommerce as the store integration to connect and click on ‘Next’.

In the next page, you’ll be asked to name this integration and enter your store’s storehash. Follow the below steps to find your store’s storehash

Log into your BigCommerce store’s control panel. Go to Advanced Settings > API Acconts > Create API Account. In the drop down, select ‘Create V2/V3 API Token’

On the next page, you’ll find API path for the newly created API. The storehash will be the part after /stores/ in the url, refer to the blurred section in the image below.

Set the Oauth scopes as the following – 

Content:  Read-only

Checkout Content: modify

Customers: read-only

Customers Login :login

Information & Settings: read-only

Marketing: read-only

Orders: read-only

Order Transactions: read-only

Create Payments: None

Get Payment Methods: read-only

Products: read-only

Themes: read-only

Carts: read-only

Checkouts: read-only

Sites & Routes: read-only

Channel Settings: read-only

Channel Listings: read-only

Storefront API Tokens: manage

Storefront API Customer Impersonation Tokens: Manage

Next, click on save, Copy the storehash, and enter it in Shoppr’s integration screen & click ‘Connect’

You’ll be asked to log in to your BigCommerce store to authorize the connection. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a success screen and will be asked to wait a while(<5 mins) before Shoppr ingests your Store data.

 Next you’ll have the option to continue integrating a Marketing Channel, your Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Mailchimp account. You can skip this and proceed to explore Shoppr for now and add your marketing channels later on.