Social Media as a Vehicle for your Store’s Marketing & Branding

Shoppr's blog article on how to use social media as a vehicle for E-Commerce Marketing and Branding

Prefacing on Growth of Social Media and Online Retail Noted statistical research site Statista mentions that the global retail E-Commerce sales amounted to US$ 1,336 billion in 2014. It grew to US$ 2,982 billion in 2018. The projection is that the sales value will increase to US$ 3,535 billion in 2019. The growth trajectory will […]

Top tools to run your WooCommerce store – Marketing

Shoppr's blog article on top WooCommerce tools for Marketing

If you’re looking to up the Marketing prowess to your WooCommerce Store – Shoppr’s Marketing team has built a list of recommended tools and plugins just for that, to help you grow faster and sell more.   ‘Smart Coupons’ is one such tool that comes reasonably priced for your first ecommerce  store as well as for […]