Apply Customer Segmentation To Your E-Commerce And Experience Massive Business Growth

Learn about customer segmentation to grab the growth opportunity with both hands. Whether you’d adopted online sales before the pandemic or after, we’re sure that you’ve been experiencing remarkable growth. We offer you insights on customer segmentation for your e-commerce to grow your business even faster. COVID-19 Has Helped E-Commerce Grow E-commerce is one of […]

E-Commerce Post Covid-19

Jeff Bezos got the whole world to sit up straight in utter surprise with his business venture in 1994. He launched Amazon as an online bookstore. A ground-breaking concept back then.  A lot has changed since then. E-commerce now is a roaring business. The global value of retail e-commerce sales increased from almost US$1.34 trillion […]

[Case Study] Amounee increased its revenue by 2x using Shoppr


Table of Content: Introduction Global Data About Amounee Challenges Faced by Shoppr as a Solution Key Takeaways Introduction Every marketing dollar that you put into paid ads, chances are you are losing the same amount of marketing dollars. According to Statistica, e-commerce was responsible for around $2.3 trillion in sales in 2017 and expected […]

Steps to reduce cart abandonment

How to reduce cart abandonment

Cart Abandonment: Meaning and a step-by-step guide Cart abandonment rate is a very crucial metric to measure because a high abandonment rate can lead to a poor client experience or broken sales funnel. Decreasing cart abandonment drives legitimately to more deals and revenue, so improving the checkout flow should be a primary focus for online […]

A Guide to E-commerce Marketing in 2020

E-Comerce marketing guide in 2020, the globally renowned source for statistical data, mentions that the market growth of E-commerce globally in 2019 is estimated at 20.7% and for 2020 at a marginally lower rate of 19%. In this current year, E-commerce sales globally have reached US$3.53 trillion. The total sales value of E-commerce worldwide is expected to US$6.54 trillion […]

Social Media as a Vehicle for your Store’s Marketing & Branding

Shoppr's blog article on how to use social media as a vehicle for E-Commerce Marketing and Branding

Prefacing on Growth of Social Media and Online Retail Noted statistical research site Statista mentions that the global retail E-Commerce sales amounted to US$ 1,336 billion in 2014. It grew to US$ 2,982 billion in 2018. The projection is that the sales value will increase to US$ 3,535 billion in 2019. The growth trajectory will […]

Top tools to run your WooCommerce store – Marketing

Shoppr's blog article on top WooCommerce tools for Marketing

If you’re looking to up the Marketing prowess to your WooCommerce Store – Shoppr’s Marketing team has built a list of recommended tools and plugins just for that, to help you grow faster and sell more.   ‘Smart Coupons’ is one such tool that comes reasonably priced for your first ecommerce  store as well as for […]

What Are The Different Types of E-Commerce Businesses?

Shoppr's article on types of E-Commerce Businesses

Let’s take a look at the full range of business transactions that can happen online. The umbrella term E-Commerce is inclusive of all of these. B2B E-Commerce Business to Business E-Commerce: that is what B2B E-Commerce means, as many would know. When business transactions happen between two businesses in the online marketplace – that is […]

Reducing E-Commerce Cart Abandons, Step-by-step Guide

Cart Abandonment

When a customer abandons a shopping cart on your ecommerce store, you can do a number of marketing actions that remind your customer of  the product they ended up not buying. You can retarget them by having your ads displayed when they search on Google next, or in their social media feeds. You need to […]

How To Start Driving Traffic To Your Newly Built Store

Gaining traffic for a newly built E-Commerce store - Blog

You’ve just built and E-Commerce store and put in a lot of effort into the little details to make sure your customers are in complete awe of your products – but what are you doing to make sure there are enough people coming across your products? Read on to get started! Google Ads With Google […]

Enable Shoppable Instagram Posts For Your Shopify Store

Instagram Shoppable Posts for Shopify Stores - Shoppr Blog

What’s the big deal behind shoppable posts on Instagram? The main draw of Instagram is that you can reach out to very specific targeted audiences. And now, Instagram is beta testing checkout so that you can have that audience making the purchase of your physical product right on the site itself. Even as Instagram is […]

Setting Up and Optimizing Email Marketing for E-Commerce

To get started on setting up and optimising Email marketing for your E-commerce store, we’ll first take a look  at the foundational framework provided by one of the major Customer Relationship Management companies, Salesforce. We will close this guide by rounding up with a similar framework from Shopify. The five steps in the process as […]