Customer Profiling

What is Customer Profiling?

Customer Profiling is a way to get a general outline of your customers’ persona. It is a way to understand and distinguish the needs of all your customers.

Different customers would have different end-goals. Grouping people based on their end-goals makes it easier for you to show what you can do for them.

So then, is it just a marketing tool? No, not really. It’s not just a marketing tool. It is a way to run a business. Knowing what your customers want from you and being able to provide that is what makes a business successful. Customer Profiling allows you to do just that.

Why Is Customer Profiling Important?

Assuming there is only one use to the shirts you sell online would be an insult to all the creative people out there who find ways to wear your shirts as pants and rock it like nobody’s business. People are creative. They can find multiple uses that could be completely different from what you imagined your product to be. It is thus important to know how people use your products.

Customer Profiling can distinguish between different ways people use your product. The similarities and dissimilarities between how people interact with your product are insights into your audience. A smart business can turn these insights into focus points for marketing and future products.

Shoppr’s Customer Profiling

Developed with the ability of grouping people without putting sharp edges around the group definition, Shoppr is flexible by nature. What does that mean? It means Shoppr does the Customer Profiling for you, but the parameters of that profiling can change depending on context. You may call that flaky, we prefer to call it flippin’ awesome!

The parameters keep changing because people and their decision process keeps changing. Shoppr, running on its magical secret sauce, will take these changing factors (from previous orders to current trends and from a generic customer view to individual profiles) into consideration to create accurate in-the-moment profiles. You can take it forward from there.