BigCommerce Connection Guide

On Signing up, you’ll be prompted with options for a store to connect. Select BigCommerce as the store integration to connect and click on ‘Next’.

BigCommerce Connection Guide

On the next page, you’ll be asked to name this integration and enter your store’s storehash. Follow the below steps to find your store’s storehash

To get storehash go to your BigCommerce Store details page by typing the following URL on the Address bar of your web browser.


Login to BigCommerce account by using your credentials.

On next screen, click on Permanent Address.

BigCommerce connection guide

You will find your 10 characters long storehash on the address bar of your browser which looks like Copy only that 10 character code and paste it in Shoppr connection screen.

Once you’ve click connect button, you’ll see a success screen and will be asked to wait a while(<5 mins) before Shoppr ingests your Store data.

Next you’ll have the option to continue integrating a Marketing Channel, your Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Mailchimp account. You can skip this and proceed to explore Shoppr for now and add your marketing channels later on.