Dynamic Marketing

What is Dynamic Marketing?

If you regularly buy top-of-the-line watches and you receive a notification for a sale on generic brand watches, you will know this. You just don’t care! You are not the target audience for that ad, and it’s a wasted effort.

Dynamic marketing is all about context. It is about knowing who what when where why and how of marketing to your audience.

Was that too preachy? It was a little preachy. Okay, just think of it as being able to customize the marketing experience for each of your customers. That’s Dynamic Marketing.

Why Is Dynamic Marketing Important?

Customers really appreciate personalization and understanding of their requirements. Realizing those requirements and promoting just what they need, when they need it is bound to get a better response compared to promoting your products without this knowledge. Use social media, promotional e-mails, and search engine ads to your advantage.

Have you noticed how positively people react to corporations getting social media right? It’s no longer acceptable or sensible for organizations to sit on the sidelines of technology. Especially if you want to grow your customer base and enrich your relationship with existing customers

Shoppr’s Dynamic Marketing

In the growing but a difficult online market, getting new customers for your business is tough. On top of that, how do you retain customers who bought from you at some point? Well, knowing all there is to know about your customers is a good way to start. In a non-creepy way, guys.

Shoppr studies and understands the data that you have on your customers – their purchase history, preferred devices, interactions, etc. and shows what’s the best way to reach out to them – be it through social media or through a customized e-mail. Send out those funny ads and watch your customer base grow!