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Powerful E-Commerce Tools That Might Be Unheard Of In 2019

E-Commerce Tools and Services you might not know of


Baozun was listed among the top 3 e-commerce stock picks by The Motley Fool – is also referred to as the Shopify of China. Its ‘Online Store and Shopping Site operation’ service comes with integrated tools like Nebula+, ShopDog, ShopCat, OMS, Code store, DianXiaomi, VOC for everything from designing, operating and Marketing for E-Commerce.


Bigcommerce has listed the most technically-innovative e-commerce brands of 2019, with Alecia coming in at No.1 on the list. It is a video-on-demand shoppable network with TV shows, movies, tutorials and lifestyle videos. Alecia can also develop original content for your products. A similar feature is being rolled out by NBCUniversal with its scannable shoppable TV.


Drip is an e-commerce CRM that delivers the capability to better understand your customers. With Drip, you can tag and recognize every action of your customers. This allows you to segment your customers over a large range of different actions that they have taken and then target them accordingly. Drip’s features include behavior-based visual workflows and cross-channel marketing automation. Its ECRM dashboards deliver information on the most effective campaigns with data on all customer actions.


SolidCommerce provides multi-channel e-commerce software that enables Inventory Management, Order Management & Shipping, e-commerce dashboard & Reports, Generation of new listings, Drop-shippers management, and Automatic Price Update. It works with 30+ e-commerce channels.


SixLeaf works on elevating e-commerce stores into the realm of the big players. It’s ZonBlast 3.0 is a ranking platform that delivers relevancy + suggested keywords that are driven by data from Amazon, with the relevancy feature segregating the keywords that you can leave out from those that you need to work on. There are five blast types in Zonblast 3.0. The first is ‘Solo Blast’ for one day while ‘Wave’ spans 4 to 7 days. ‘Pulse’ is delivered every alternative day for two weeks. Custom blasts can also be set up. SixLeaf’s ‘Optimize’ product serves out content that is focused on conversion while ‘ReviewRush is aimed at getting buyers to review. ‘Courier’ is a tool for promotions that makes ads more effective with the inclusion of discount offers.


CallidusCloud, now SAP Sales Cloud, is Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software that delivers special prices to your special customers automatically. You can customize the CPQ for each of your sales channels. ‘Guided Selling’ asks questions to customers in order to find out what exactly they are looking for and to suggest any other alternative products. It also has a calculator option to show customers the benefits/savings that they can make if they make a purchase.


Freewebstore is a 100 percent free e-commerce platform. Management features include Low Stock Alerts, Related Products, Instant Updates, Re-stock Reminders, Discounts for bulk shopping, Product SEO automatically or customized, Age Verification, Vacation Mode, PDF invoicing, Order Emails, Order Dispatch, Order Tracking, and Special Offers. Social Media icons are embedded on every page. Cart is SSL 256-bit secured and features include side-by-side checkout, flexible shipping rules, all major cards, 20 plus gateways, currency converter, integration with major shipping providers, checkout forms and offline payments such as check, bank transfers or cash on delivery. Marketing features include abandoned-cart data, Facebook storefront, Language Packs, Product Reviews, User Feedback, Google Shopping, Newsletters, Coupons, Amazon Ads and Bing Ads. You also get to list your products on comparison sites such as Choozen, Ciao! Etc.


CommerceX is a Mumbai-based e-commerce solution provider that enables offline retailers to make effective utilization of their offline assets. Its solution allows you to present your entire warehouse inventory across the country. Customers who shop in your brick-and-mortar location can have their products delivered home while customers who purchase online can pick up their product at your brick-and-mortar store. B2B is enabled with the introduction of CommerceX’s technology solution into traditional processes such as digital catalog and order forms, and automation of reports. CommerceX’s Digital Marketing solution offers targeted customers in India across 300 Million smartphone users, 105 Million Broadband subscribers and 110 million Digital video viewers, as well as global reach. It has also initiated Facebook dynamic ads as a pilot project. It offers ‘content and photography’ solutions such as the selection and styling of models for ads, product attributes and description and image editing. CommerceX’s consulting solution delivers sales analytics, merchandise mix analytics, traffic monitoring and custom reporting.


Neto provides an all-in-one e-commerce solution as well as in-store POS, Amazon, eBay, wholesale and B2B. A Neto webstore can be built with a pick from any of 70 themes while also delivering the capability to customize the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Navigation is made effective with no limits on product categories and the deployment of advanced filtering features. Neto provides unified order management across all channels that you are operating in. You can create purchase orders and sales orders from one point and automate the approval of backorders and pre-orders. Neto’s pricing is $79 per month if you are having one sales channel. The number of products, warehouses, and users is unlimited. Neto Pick’n Pack add-on is an App that works Chrome or Firefox browsers or iOS. With the app, you can scan barcodes or order lines to mark it as picked if you do not have barcodes. Shipping quotes can be generated with the app while shipping labels can be printed on both mobile and desktop printers.


StreamCommerce offers advice on brand building for Shopify stores. StreamCommerce’s consulting service assures acceleration of sales growth for your Shopify Plus store. Digital marketing is available as a managed service while Digital Paid Advertising is available in its ‘Merchant Success’ Package. Other services that are provided as managed services include warehousing and fulfillment. Recruitment and sourcing capital are also managed by StreamCommerce. Among the activities that are managed by StreamCommerce are content management, store checks, merchandising and account management.


Altius offers data-discoverability capabilities with its ‘Unifi’ ordering methodology delivering on product search, product information and prompts to customers with product suggestions. Altius’ ‘Insight Mailer’ is a tool for Amazon Marketplace sellers working to address negative reviews and obtain positive reviews.


Zepo provides e-commerce website and three other options of Marketing, Couriers, and Marketplace. Delivery is enabled over 15000 Pincodes in India. Its ‘Marketplace’ solution provides the capability to manage stores across multiple platforms. ‘Zepo Website’ can be set up with any of 100 and more mobile-responsive themes. The Website product comes with a Facebook store and custom Android/iOS apps with payments enabled from the top 6 payment gateways in India. Courier services can be picked from any of the top 6 Indian courier service providers. Live shipment tracking is available over Email and SMS. Store setup is assisted with onboarding assistance for 30 days. The Standard plan comes with a standard website, free payment gateway, mobile apps, advanced HTML customization, Category and Product Level discounting, Cart abandonment, Advanced Search and Automated SEO. ‘Zepo Marketplace’ enables you to list on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, Jabong, eBay, etc and manage accounts from a single dashboard. The features of ‘Zepo Marketplace’ include Order and Inventory Management, Generation of Shipping Labels, Integration with accounting software like Tally and Busy, and SEO optimized content.


DG1 is a Canada-based provider of enterprise-grade solutions for small and medium businesses. Its suite includes e-commerce, website, marketing, mobile app, and booking features. The e-commerce platform delivers Promotion Engine, Infinite Scroll, Payments, Upsell & Cross-sell, rating and reviews, search engine, shop filters, discounts, and content management system. Marketing elements are based on a 360-degree client database with automation, form creator, multi-channel campaign creator, and segmentation and targeting. Its Package T1 at #290 per month and a one-time fee of $1500 comes with a maximum number of contacts of 3,000, a maximum sales limit per month of $10,000, maximum outbound emails of 12,000 per month and a maximum browser push of 12,000 per month. There is no contract and if your emails or contacts go up, you will be charged for the corresponding higher tier


Reflektion is a customer engagement platform that delivers personalization over different platforms in real time. Personalization is implemented across Search, Recommendations, Category/Landing Pages, Email and Content. Reflektion’s Customer Engagement Console can be set to the level of automation that you want to be implemented. The visual analytics dashboard is interactive and delivers the capability to monitor the personalized component level of the customer’s journey that you are targeting. Overall KPIs can be viewed at the level of site, page, category, product and keyword.


Quotient is a marketing technology platform that focuses on the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. Quotient’s suite is a combination of Audience, Promotions, Media and Analytics. Quotient says it can elevate CPG marketing as it ‘thinks beyond conventional strategies.’ Among Quotient’s products are personalization of offers, deepening of customer relationships, delivery of targeted media at scale for key retailers, harnessing the power of social influencer marketing and growing of sales with e-commerce media. Its ‘Promotions Cloud’ delivers ‘targeted and personalized promotions’ that are continuously being improved with the aid of Machine Learning.


Yuka provides solutions for acquiring ‘global recognition.’ Yuka provides branding services that deliver the right vibe over every ‘visual representation.’ The branding segment spans the spectrum from logo design, packaging to ad campaign development. Yuka delivers services across sales, marketing, branding, trend analysis, market research, photography, videography, social media, logistics, accounting, storage services, lifestyle, public relations, web design and graphic design. Yuka also has an ‘idea funding’ service.


Price2Spy is a tool for monitoring pricing with its ‘stealth traffic.’ The tool has the capability to monitor sites that maintain a tight vigil over tracking tools. The tool is also equipped to identify product variations even when they are on the same page.


Twiggle provides solutions for Search and Discovery that are built on AI. The tool complements the existing Search feature that you have on your e-commerce store. It then analyses your catalog and the Search queries of customers to elevate the results into as much of a perfect match as the continuously-learning AI works out. According to Twiggle, it is able to Convert as it has built up a layer of understanding over your catalog and customer actions.


Whiplash is a fulfillment provider with shipping being optimized for cost, together with meeting delivery schedules. The tool is available for most e-commerce platforms. They offer features like setting your own routing rules, custom branded packaging, Order logic automation, etc.

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