Behavioural Analytics

Understand and predict accurately what customers want and expect from you.


Segmentation of customers, products, and everything else ased on holistic approach.

Prediction Engine

Gain confidence in your future through predictions of all necessary metrics, and the best route to those predicted values.

Intelligent Social Media Sharing

Drive engagement for existing and new customers through intelligent content recommendation for social media channels.

AI Driven Marketing Campaign

Auto-generated marketing campaigns based on deep analytics of customer behaviour.

Collaborative Insight

Merge data from diverse selling channels to compare and contrast insights and break them down to core metrics.

We help you understand your customers

Shoppr provides the often-missing holistic customer view  and empowers you, as a seller, to reach out to right customers with right product at right time. Through all the features of Shoppr, you can rest assured you will know and understand your customers’ needs.