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Growth Hacking Ideas to help Market your products online

Here's a list of few quick fixes you can make to your e-commerce store to improve growth and conversions and sales for your store.
Growth Hacks for your e-commerce website

Online marketing is slowly moving towards mobile and social being the two main areas of audience gravitation. While the primary focus was earlier on search engines, the buzz is now more about the social landscape and especially about the customer’s user experience. However, SEO is always at the core of all online marketing even as the newer focus points of user experience and mobile optimization are built around social media. Given the continuous evolution of technologies and tools, gaining the attention of people is becoming a tough proposition.

This is where Growth Marketing comes in with its concept of tech-savviness combined with working over every touch point of the online experience. From the design of your site or store to the way you visualize what the customer will feel and react to delivering what the customer will like, share and come back to is what defines Growth Marketing. Just as online marketing delivers for every type of industry, its Growth Marketing version also delivers the goods across the business spectrum and not only for B2C but B2B too.

Growth Marketing requires taking a wider and deeper look at Marketing. The focus is across departments and throughout the funnel, involving multiple skills and disciplines. It is about delivering what current and potential customers want, over every aspect of the customer’s needs, requirements, predilections and worldview. A core aspect of growth marketing is to test and find out what works.

Testing means measurement

Keeping track of all the actions that you undertake is crucial. When you embark on a range of actions to try and discover what works in triggering growth, it is paramount to know the exact results. In addition to measuring and testing, there are two other key areas to focus. Overall, growth marketing is all about experimentation combined with measurement, through the utilization of different tools and methods.

Connect campaigns and landing pages

Design your landing pages to be as clear and specific to the campaign so that there is no distraction for visitors at all. Check out all the small aspects that optimize for conversion in a landing page. Check out Amazon’s ideas for landing pages to begin your own custom design of a perfect landing page. Shopify advices to design landing pages keeping in mind the customers’ motivations, desires, and frustrations. Shopify also raises the need to focus on a ‘Benefit-oriented headline’ on the Landing Page. Further, Shopify advices to prioritize the early development of content in a content-first design concept.

Remind your customers when they quit

Facebook achieved a 12 percent lift in conversion rate after it began to remind people who had left during the process of creating an ad. Facebook also made it possible for people to resume the ad-creation from where they had left, thereby enabling quicker completion of the conversion. Make sure to remind your customers when they have abandoned the conversion or purchase process midway. According to Facebook, reminding them right away is the right time to reach out to them as they might have just been interrupted by something/someone.


Within the same context of communication, Facebook got a 40 percent lift in claims of coupons for ad creation when it added personalization to the emails. It added the customer’s business name to the email along with details such as the number of followers etc. and saw claims for ad coupons going up substantially. According to Facebook, “untargeted and unpersonalized email” is never going to connect with customers. Also in terms of communication, Facebook also recommends going the extra mile and making sure that translated versions are also displayed just in case there are people who might not be connecting with the assumed more-prevalent language.

Using descriptive terminology

Facebook had a ‘Promote’ button on Pages, which when changed to ‘Boost Post’ got the company a 16 percent increase in response to the feature. The difference between ‘Promote’ and ‘Boost’ was that the earlier word had a vague ring to it whereas the newer word had a positive zing and was as well clearly understood. Facebook recommends taking a close look at all buttons etc, and to eliminate and replace jargon with more descriptive terminology that makes your customers really understand what they are getting. Another example of growth that Facebook achieved was when it was working on addressing users of low-tech devices. It replaced ‘Sign Up with Facebook” with “Create New Account” and got a 16 percent rise in new accounts. When experimenting with the button, the company also tested the buttons with different colors before arriving at the right color for the Signup button. Among the most important buttons is the Call-to-Action. Use the clearest language in your CTA button. And of course, an ad without a CTA is not going to help.

Vary the tone of your messaging

Get more creative and innovative with your messaging building upon first identifying exactly who your customer is. All you need to do is to shift away from any theoretical marketing focus that you might have and start out with a fresh and confident approach that aims at connecting with your customers. Use language that is not tied down by any formal baggage which will not create an energetic tug to your prospects.

Get onto the trending topics

Create content that makes a good connect with the trending topics. Make sure that you have content that is in sync with the hash tags that are doing the rounds. Anticipate topics and trends and have content ready. Deliver well-researched and unique content or campaigns that nicely gel with the action on the social networks.

Add Spice to your site

Bring some quality entertainment to your customers in terms of good-quality videos, animation or other original content that serves to add sparkle to dull days. Such content brings customers again and again to your store making it as attractive as any other social media.

Cut down conversion process duration

A lot of time can be expended in signup processes which could be cut down to speed up conversion. Go through your conversion procedure and you will find out that you can simplify the process considerably. There might be some steps which are actually not that relevant as Facebook discovered with its procedure to go Live. The company had a ‘check connection speed’ step in the process which was later identified as being an unnecessary hurdle. Customers would find out for themselves if their Live was not going smoothly, which would be a small percentage, at which point Facebook would inform them of their lack of a speedy connection. With the elimination of this interim step, Facebook achieved higher rates of users going Live. Go through all your forms and remove fields that are of low relevance.

Draw your customers with interactive activities

Make videos that draw customers in with their original informative aspects. No matter what your segment is, customers are always eager to know better. Quizzes are another way of drawing customers into an informative sphere of interaction and smart knowledge.

Try out newer content vehicles

You can add infographics to show data that is of utility and informative value to your customers. There are many online outfits that deliver the capability to create a range of infographics. Try them out and get into the “always learning, always trying” frame of mind that defines the successful online business and growth marketing.

Learn and Unlearn

Try out new ideas and drop them if they are not working. Always be on the lookout to find out more about your customers. Be open to trying new technologies and ways of doing things. To recap and begin with all the basics, check out the AAARRR Model.

Remember that testing is the way to go with growth marketing. Get into a new frame of mind and a way of life too, as an online store owner always looking to finesse every component of ecommerce.

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