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How Apple’s iOS 14 update impacts e-commerce brands

How Apple's iOS 14 update impacts e-commerce brands

Now that Apple has engaged itself to make a better-informed user in terms of data and privacy, ecommerce stores need to get adjusted to this new normal. While iOS14.5 has already come into play, Google has set Q2 2022 as the time by when Android app developers would need to present the data that they are collecting from users. Google is however going about the transition towards the goal of privacy protection at a different pace. At the same time, the biggest platform Facebook has also been talking about the importance of privacy of late. Facebook has also been talking about the way it empowers small businesses to do the things that the top companies do in terms of commerce i.e. ecommerce. As Facebook is the most prominent platform out there that will be impacted by the iOS 14.5 changes, we will start with a look at what you can do. Ideally, you can get around all the worries of iOS 14.5 effects on ecommerce with more tools and aids on Facebook itself.

Aggregated Event Measurement

When your iOS users engage with your ecommerce on Facebook or Instagram but opt out of the ‘Tracking’ query that Apple puts to its users in iOS14.5, you can continue to optimize your conversions with ‘Aggregated Event Measurement.’ The way to go about it is to select a single domain for the purpose of conversion tracking. This is because the tracking of multiple domains is taken away if the customer decides to opt out of being tracked. You can select conversion events from multiple ‘Facebook Pixels.’

Facebook Pixel

If you have deployed the ‘Facebook Pixel’ analytic tool on your ecommerce website, you now need to take a few actions to continue doing so. The first is to verify your domains which is actually a normally recommended action but is more crucial if your domain has ‘Facebook Pixels’ that are owned by different business/personal ad accounts. You can do the ‘Domain verification’ from your ‘Business Manager.’ If your site is on a platform that is a registered domain, then you have to carry out the verification for that domain +1, i.e. eTLD+1. You cannot do the verification for an URL path or an eTLD+2. For these pages, you can transit to a ‘Landing Page View’ or you can purchase these domains so that the iOS14.5 fork does not impact your ad campaigns.

Conversion Events

For each of your website domains, you can set up to eight unique conversion events. In your ad set, you have to pick one of these eight as the one that will be optimized for. In case you do not verify your domains or your optimization consists currently of more than eight conversion events, then you might need to pick optimizations from the upper funnel such as ‘Landing Page Views’ as it is not taken to be among the conversion events of which only eight are allowed.

Returning to domains

Looking back at the domains, you are now requited to pick one domain post the iOS14.5 probable pause of tracking, as when a customer opts out, you won’t be able to then track your ad across multiple domains. However, if the user opts in for Tracking, then you will be able to continue tracking your ad across domains. The picking of one domain for conversion tracking is done at the ‘Tracking’ section at the ad level.


Those events which are not a part of your eight conversion events cannot be utilized for conversion but can be used for other objectives such as ‘Custom Audience Targeting’ and also for partial reporting.

Looking ahead and about

Your focus needs to pivot back to email marketing and building as well as maintaining your direct outreach to your customers. You have to get your customers to be eager to be a part of your community as well as trusting you with their data which will make them opt in for tracking. Creating a longer funnel will be one of the most important things to do in this new phase of the digital marketing juggernaut.

Marketing Mix Models

The Harvard Business Review has pointed to the renaissance of ‘Marketing Mix Models’ in this new phase. It has mathematics at its core and splits sales into two components of base sales and incremental sales. Within incremental sales, you will be measuring the sales that occurred due to a promotion or due to an email campaign. The HBR article on iOS14.5 also recommends moving towards this aggregate model of measurement and tracking as compared to the current approach of going granular to the level of each user.

Twitter and TikTok

These two are among the biggest names on social media and can offer newer avenues for your ecommerce store to connect with probably many more newer and untapped customers out there. With the new ‘Branded Likes’ option as described in this AdAge article on Twitter’s new moves, you have many more interesting new activities to connect with the billions of prospective customers. Further, Twitter has also linked up with Apples’ new transparency move. TikTok has a Million strong retailer user base and it has also tied up with Shopify wherein ‘shoppable’ ads will be presented on the newest sensation in social media.


Google has also announced its support for Apple’s new SKAdNetwork, In the transition period, Google has said that it will expand its ‘Modeled Online Conversions’ to more iOS users. Google has asked its app advertisers to switch to the latest version of its Google Analytics for Firebase.

Starting Up a new

Given the reports that are coming in where very low number of users have opted for being tracked, it is now the time to revamp and rejig completely your approach to digital marketing. The core need is to recognize that this is a major milestone in not only your ecommerce journey but also the overall digital economy. Moments of transition are the most ideal time to drive growth by adopting the energy that is triggered when the wheels of change start to rev up.

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