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How To Start Driving Traffic To Your Newly Built Store

Gaining traffic for a newly built E-Commerce store - Shoppr.ai Blog

You’ve just built and E-Commerce store and put in a lot of effort into the little details to make sure your customers are in complete awe of your products – but what are you doing to make sure there are enough people coming across your products? Read on to get started!

Google Ads

With Google Ads, you can appear on the ‘Search Results’ page of your customers, who are searching for products and services like what you are offering. The budget that you are setting aside for advertising can be optimized to deliver accurate ads to your future customers. When you tell Google what your budget is, Google immediately gives you an estimate of how many clicks or phone calls you are going to get with the budgeted amount. If you have a well-designed ad and a landing page that matches the ad, even an ad from a campaign that is spending more will be relegated to second-best if it is not doing well in these critical areas of ad design and landing page conformity. So, a lower budget does not necessarily mean that you will be on the sidelines. For building up your traffic, cost-per-click ads are the right fit.

Search engine Journal has revealed the importance of focusing on images in your Google Search optimization. The important aspects of loading and optimizing images of your products is to name the image files in a more descriptive manner and to have an image alt description that is meaningful too.

Email Marketing

Right after a customer has registered to subscribe for your mails, you can get into building the relationship with your subscriber with regular, informative and interesting mails at the right times, beginning with the welcome mail. You’ve got a channel to communicate directly to your subscriber. So, put forward your best foot and think deep on the messaging style and content you want to develop to connect strong with your subscribers. The most important aspect of email marketing is that you can ensure repeat customers by providing them with interesting offers and new product launches. A somewhat-related method to get more subscribers is to have a referral program. To build up your list of subscribers, deploy opt-in forms across your site as Shopify recommends in this guide on email marketing.


The simplest way to get traffic to your site is to have content in the form of a blog that is then indexed by a search engine. This is the natural way to connect to your prospective customers who are seeking out the products you are offering, by searching on search engines. When the search engine sees your blog content, it indexes it which is what search engine optimisation is, and then presents your content to the relevant search by your customer. Here, the results are presented as natural results rather than the ads we saw earlier. Read about the other advantages you can derive from creating and consistently publishing blog content. And of course, the key to a successful blog is also to be found in using the right Keywords that are being searched by people. Initially, Oberlo recommends using keywords that are being searched for less than 10,000 times a month and to go for the high-frequency keywords later in the evolution of your e-commerce store. Oberlo has 35 tips for those digital footsteps you are seeking, with the second item on the list being that of ‘content freshness’ which can be achieved both by yourself as well as by enabling your customers to submit reviews.


These are links to your site from other sites which tell Google that your site is being recognized around the world wide web and so, more the links you have, more your site’s value goes up. But, this does not mean that any sort of strategy to develop these backlinks are going to work out now, in the era of ML and AI. It is one of the tasks where you have to put your full efforts into and one which will ultimately make the real difference in terms of traffic. Moz suggests to begin your backlink quest by checking how your competitors are faring on this regards.

Guest Posts

Backlinko’s 27 ways to get a jump start in your visitors begins with a strategy to publishing ‘guest posts’ so that the clicks come by in far-higher numbers than with the normal structure of a guest post. Backlinko calls it the “Upside Down” Guest Post. The clickable link is placed in a strategic position rather than at the end of the guest post. In a related tip, at No.26 of Backlinko’s ways to increase website traffic is to “Drive traffic from forums.” Be active on popular forums and develop a reputation as an active and reliable contributor.

Site Audit

To get down to the basics is actually also necessary as Credo’s 51 ways to drive traffic to your site points out with  its No 1. recommendation being ‘Audit your website.’ HubSpot defines two situations where you need to go in for a web audit. The first is when you are about to launch a SEO campaign while the second is when you are going to redesign your website. A Website audit looks into the way your site is performing technically and also whether the content is ideal for traffic generation. Some of the SEO mistakes that you will need to find and eliminate are using exact-matching anchor text, the words that are used in your blog to link to the products or services as well as stuffing of keywords, all of which are not smart tactics as Google has long become wiser to that. See what else HubSpot offers for your Web Audit task.

Build Lists

As we’ve been seeing so far with the lists of tactics suggested by Oberlo, Backlinko and Credo, Sumo also has a list for growing traffic, on top of which is the recommendation to ‘Grow Your Lists.’ Sumo says lists are not only about email but also for Messenger and WhatsApp. Sumo says that open rates for Facebook Messenger engagement is around 80 percent compared to the 30 percent for email. Sumo’s tips for getting those lists populated includes a ‘scroll box’ whereby a visitor scrolling on your site is presented with a Call to Action, of providing their email address.

Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns

Wishpond suggests to have your Facebook ads in purples, oranges, greens and reds so that they make a real splash, in its lookup of Facebook and Google to develop the list of your adoring customers. And again, just as we saw with Google ads, Wishpond says you need to focus on the landing page, in terms of conforming with the look and feel of your Facebook ad. On Facebook, the critical driver is that you are able to reach the right audience for your products. All you need is to provide information on your products to Facebook and then Facebook will present the ads with relevant products to relevant people, who were looking for them. If your store has lot of inventory, this is the right fit for you as you do not have to create ads for each product. This feature called ‘Dynamic Ads’ can be used to target either people who have visited your store or to a broader audience. To get started with ‘Dynamic Ads,’ you need to create and install a Facebook Pixel. This requires you to update the code of your site. Users of Bigcommerce, Magento and Shopify do not need to modify code. Once installed on your site, pixel will track what each person does on your site and then present them with thee right ads at the right time. With the broader audience, Facebook automatically can identify those customers who are looking for your products and services.

Yotpo has found out that of all social media sites that direct people to sites, those coming from Instagram engage for the longest time on the site, higher than YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. With Instagram ads, Yotpo recommends to collect photos from your users to build upon the stock of Instagram Pictures that you need to deploy in your marketing materials. The Instagram bio needs to be crafted with a lot of thought as it presents your store to the Instagram audience in words. Instagram ad types include Instagram stories which is a full-screen video format with audio on. The other ad types are photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, collection ads and ads in Explore. To buy ads, you can do it on the App which entails promoting your posts, which is the simplest form of Instagram ads. To move up into targeting, use the ‘Ads Manager’ which also includes automatic targeting. If you want more detailed guide on Facebook and Instagram promotions, we recommend you to check out our blogs on creating a Facebook Campaign from scratch and making your Instagram posts shoppable

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