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Re-branding your e-commerce store

A new identity and brand message will help you appeal to larger market segment and improve your store's revenue and scale to the next level.

Re-branding can become inevitable when you have discovered that your audience needs to have a total transformation. It can be due to a need to fit in into the changing times. Or, it could be because you have run into a wall. Rebranding must however not be contemplated if there is just a low level of delivery in activities such as generating leads etc. or if the business cycle is going through a slump. Check out the right and the wrong reasons for rebranding, albeit from a corporate viewpoint, but will give you the general idea. At the other end of the spectrum is when you have expanded your product portfolio and are now a wholly transformed store from where you started out. Just as Brick-and-Mortar stores are catching up with the ecommerce express, many existing stores too need to find out a new way of keeping up with the ever-changing buzz in the online world.

When thinking of a rebranding, the first box to tick is to visualize something brand new and fresh in your approach. This is when the rebranding takes off smoothly and goes the distance. Do not just aim to get a new look, a new name or a new logo. Brainstorm a new approach to how your store is going to develop a new relationship with existing and new customers. This is the foundation that is essential for a successful rebranding operation.

Add new capabilities

Just like how this Legacy store rebranded itself, it is not just about the name and the labeling. Joann brought in new technology to deliver a whole new experience to its customers. Go through the list of features that are essential for an e-commerce site and redesign your store to include any missing features. Add the latest features launched in social media platforms such as Instagram stories that are viewable only for 24 hours or enable products to be shoppable right from Instagram posts. Shift your store into a sharply-newer technological phase.

Logo, fonts, typefaces

If your logo is not helping in expanding on your brand story, think of ways that you can redesign it to depict your core focus such as was done by Uber. The company also revamped its in-app look to go together with the redesigned logo. When you have decided upon a redesign, it is important to ensure that it is done across the board and not just over a few prime components. This will bring home the effect of a total transformation. Uber rebranded itself with a ‘complete redesign.’ Check out the time taken by most companies to effect a rebranding, especially the efforts put in into colors, typefaces, etc. in this list of best rebranding achievers.

Total transformation or Subtle refinements

While a few of the achievers were trying to reimagine themselves as they grew steadily and dynamically, others were trying to shake away serious competitive and operational issues. Yet others were halfway through a transition to becoming a bigger player. In some cases as with American Express and MailChimp, the rebranding was effected with the most subtle of changes. MailChimp became Mailchimp. Whatever the dimensions, it is crucial to get new thinking and new ethos into play. Of course, when a fresh restart is all about a full relaunch, excitement kicks in.

Crisper Tagline

Getting a punchier tagline can work more effectively in a 360-degree rebrand as it conveys the gist of the new philosophy. A short and powerful tagline can pack in all the messaging that your brand wants to project. Spend as much time as it needs to really work on a tagline that tells just what your customers would love to know, about your store and your products. It is a new announcement to the online world that a totally different ecommerce brand is going to be unveiled.

Expanding to allied domains

When you are looking for new lines of business to help keep up the business tempo, moving into allied or related products is a good idea. What is essential is for the core business to be on a strong footing as was done by this financial services company in expanding into insurance products. According to the company, it balances “gut feel with good advice and past experience, wherever possible.”


Slogans are ways to capture a particular product or a particular moment in time in the life of your store. As you pivot your store around your business improvisation and rebranding, present the moment to your customers with a slogan for the times. Use slogans to mark the shifts in your focus and you can deliver accurate rebranding, as powerful as any total transformation. Customers will be curious to know what is up and you can make it a great new experience with all other tweaks even if not a bolder and newer version of your store. Here are a few tips on getting a new slogan.

Successful Rebrand stories

Check out these five success stories that got it right, through

  • Adoption of new social trends to craft the messaging as Old Spice did
  • Changing a name to get rid of a negative image as was done by the makers of High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Expansion of product line to create a different image as Burberry did
  • Setting the focus on consumer experience versus focusing on products as Apple did
  • Realizing the need to adapt to the changing times as McDonalds did

Some Don’ts

You must ensure that your rebranding does not cause a disconnect with some or any of your regular and committed customers. To avoid such outcomes, begin and complete your rebranding journey with data and never with assumptions. Take all decisions on the basis of data. And to return to the issue that we looked at initially, do not decide on a rebrand if it is just marketing that is the issue. There can be better ways to improve your marketing efforts. Also, never get into the rebranding journey without a clearly-defined strategy. Finally, do not leave out those who work for you out of the brainstorming loop.

Here are a few more rebranding stories to get you into the groove.

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