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Shopify Growth Hacks Checklist

Checklist of Growth hacks for your Shopify Store

Don’t leave the fate of your Shopify store to luck or to your designer, we’re not sure which one’s worse. Here’s a quick list of checks for you to optimise your store for visibility and growth.


Sort and organise all of your store’s products and processes with tags such as products, Orders and Customers. With tags, you can generated automated collections by setting as many conditions as you want. Manual collections can also be created. A drop-down menu or radio buttons can be used to present the product tags available in a collection. Customers can then filter the collections. SmartTags is an App that aids the development of automated collections.

Mobile optimisation

To deliver a super-effective mobile experience, implement a number of mobile optimisation tips such as a top navigation menu and easier checkout with Shopify Pay together with the other popular payment processors. Messages on shipping must be personalised based on location and on device.

Elevate in-site Search

With tools that provide powerful features to enable users to get what they are searching for without even the whiff of a delay, you make conversion foolproof. Nextopia’s Autocomplete tool has what it takes to push out the right products when your customers land on your site and search for what they want. Even when a particular search item is not available,the tool comes up with other relevant substitutes or actions that the customer would find worthy of spending their time.

Discover your customers

Nosto is an App that builds up your customer’s worldview for you by looking at their social media preferences. It delivers onsite product recommendations, onsite popups and personalised emails.

Enable your customers to talk

With a review platform that is simple and effective, customers get all the information they want through the real stories and episodes that people offer. For this to happen, a simple review platform such as that offered by Yotpo makes for a great way to get your customers talking and asking questions and getting all the answers they need. When you are operating across channels, ensure that reviews are distributed over each of them.

Get images from Instagram to motivate the move towards checkout

FourSixty is an app that brings photos posted by your customers with your products on Instagram to the products page so that your current customers can connect with previous buyers. The galleries are built up after requesting the customer for their photo to be added. The galleries can be a part of Home Page or of the particular products page. Users can click the product they desire on the image and can directly move to checkout.

Use JustUNO for Conversion Optimisation

JustUno adds conversion pathways such as lead capture popups and signup forms that are designed and targeted with high precision. Sync with visitors at the right moment with messages that are perfectly devised for customers with conversion as well as exit on their mind. Notifications are also apart of JustUNO.

Ship Smart

With Shipping Scripts, your store can craft the best price and the best route to ship. Options that are presented to your customers can be set according to rules that you specify with regard to a number of factors such as location, promotion and more.

Automate your store management with Shopify Flow

Remove the need to add multiple apps to improve your store management by bringing Shopify Flow into your management work desk. Flow brings every element of store management from inventory to tracking and tagging customers into one single tool that can make up for your entire arsenal.

With Flow, you can track and reward your top customers. You can also identify customers who visited your store subsequent to specific campaigns. When a product is out of stock, it can be hidden while reordering can also be automated. Orders that are high-risk can be put through a review before they are processed while low-risk orders are automatically capture credit-card payments. The Shopify Workflow Community is a resource where your workflows can be analysed for more possible applications.

Manage sales events with Launchpad

Every major event that you have lined up can be made completely smooth with pre-event planning on Launchpad. All actions that you need to take as you unveil the sales event can be specified much before and Launchpad serves it out at the right time. Launchpad implements both rollout and rollback of the particular presentation of all the relevant pages and procedures that your customers will engage with.

Discount Management

With Shopify Scripts, you can implement tiered discounts that kick in as your customers pass thresholds as they make their purchases. Pricing can also be modified in real time based on how much your customers are picking up in a purchase session. Similarly, customers can be informed in real time that a larger number of a product they have picked up would come with a larger discount. Each of these and many more such discount-related options can be enabled with Shopify Scripts. When offering a site-wide sale, discount codes can be set to be unusable.

A perfect checkout

Shopify Plus brings more shipping-cost features with Custom-Calculated Rates wherein you can present calculated rates for different carriers. This feature requires your store to specify exact weights in your product details. The calculated rates can be adjusted to be higher or lower based on your reading of the profitability and attractiveness to customers.

Order processing

With Shipwire app for order processing and many other options such as Orderbot and Freestyle, the carrier and warehouse that fulfils orders is optimised to deliver the highest efficiency. Orderdesk is another app which comes with the ability to organise orders into customizable folders. If your store is present over multiple channels, Pulse Commerce app is designed to manage orders across all of them.


While a unconstrained Return Policy is a great way to win new customers, you must also put in place measures to analyse and followup which is also available as a workflow on Flow.

Finally, Trust is crucial

Display your SSL certificate badge prominently and on all pages of your site. Equally crucial is the display of Money Back Guarantees.

With all ends covered, your store management is simple and yet profoundly powerful.

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