E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Spotlight: Marek Ciesla, Founder, Woolet

Shoppr Interview with Marek Ciesla, Founder, Woolet

Marek Ciesla founded Woolet 3 years ago after successful stints at DivX and BitTorrent. He was able to raise $330,000 in 30 days on Kickstarter for his wallet prototype – today he sells it on Woolet.co clocking Six-figure sales and great margins – he’ll share with us how he did it. How did you get […]

E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Spotlight : Shilpi Yadav, Founder & Director, Khara Kapas

Shoppr's Interview with Shilpi Yadav, Founder & Director, Khara Kapas

Shilpi Yadav started out with her own designer wear brand back in 2014 wanting to work on something that gave her complete creative freedom coming from the lack of it working for corporates. From exhibiting her designs on pop-ups in the beginning, having Bollywood Celebrities wear Khara Kapas designs and grossing $6M in annual sales, […]

E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Spotlight – Eric Bandholz, Founder & CEO, Beardbrand

Shoppe Interview with Eric Bandholz, Founder and CEO of BeardBrand

Eric Bandholz quit a lucrative job in banking to be able to grow a beard – that’s when he realised his passion and built a community of ‘Beardsmen’ –  a bunch of like minded folks who maintain long beards. He started out interacting with this community through his blogs and YouTube videos, now having expanded […]

E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Spotlight : Saumitra Kabra, Founder & CEO, MyBageecha

Shoppr E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Spotlight - Saumitra Kabra

Saumitra Kabra started MyBageecha in back in 2015 to cater needs of masses wanting to decorate their interiors with unique products in store like Moss frames that were recently launched. MyBageecha did a little over INR 2.5 Crores in sales last year and Saumitra was gracious enough to take out time to tell us how […]

E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Spotlight : Henry Hoe, Founder & CEO, SeniorCare

E-Commerce Entrepreneur's Spotlight - Henry Hoe, SeniorCare

Henry is an entrepreneur running not just multiple e-commerce stores – but he also has his personal brand, decisivemarketer.com. One of his e-commerce stores running under the brand SeniorCare broke 7 figures in sales couple of years back and he’s here to tell us how he did it from the start and also some really good […]

E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Spotlight: Dhruv Mehta, Founder, YourDesignerWear.com

E-Commerce Entrepreneur's Spotlight : Dhruv Mehta

Dhruv Mehta is the founder of YourDesignerWear.com – an e-commerce store that started with selling traditional Indian wear back in 2007. Today, the store has scaled to hundreds of product categories and hoards of loyal customers majorly from the US, offering them not just the products themselves but customizations and stitching for an added level […]