How to Secure Your E-Commerce Website

How to secure your website?

A recent report says that there is a cyberattack against computers and networks every 39 seconds. Of the total data breaches in 2018, 39% were by ransomware and 65% of them were delivered via malicious emails. Ransomware attacks declined marginally in 2019, but cryptojacking increased by 400%.  Cybercrime is still nowhere near the major organized […]

A Guide to E-commerce Marketing in 2020

E-Comerce marketing guide in 2020, the globally renowned source for statistical data, mentions that the market growth of E-commerce globally in 2019 is estimated at 20.7% and for 2020 at a marginally lower rate of 19%. In this current year, E-commerce sales globally have reached US$3.53 trillion. The total sales value of E-commerce worldwide is expected to US$6.54 trillion […]

Why Securing Shopify Store Mobile App is Necessary?

Securing Shopify Mobile App

Platforms like Shopify have made life so easy for new and emerging businesses. With over 1 million stores under its umbrella, Shopify is already empowering e-commerce businesses like anything.  The remarkable feature of transforming a Shopify web store into an iOS or Android mobile app enables entrepreneurs to streamline their business and enhance functionality even […]