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Top Tools To Help You Run Your Shopify Store – Part 1

Finding It Difficult To Keep It Together? Have A Look At These Top Shopify Tools that Will Level Up Operations and Sales On Your Store
Top Tools For Your Shopify Store

Shopify has tools and apps for every business element and ecommerce feature that you would need for an online store. Right from the basics to each of the efficiency-generating capabilities, Shopify is an ecosystem that delivers innumerable smart solutions for online commerce.

Invoice Generator

To start out, Shopify provides a free invoice generator with the free tool even available for those who are not using Shopify. It’s free and simple to use and everyone using it only has good things to say about it – so definitely check it out and see if it fits your bill(pun intended).

PoS software

Shopify’s Point of Sale software allows your store to accept credit-card swipes as well as cash. There is no requirement for a third-party payment solution. With regard to inventory, synchronization is delivered no matter whether you sell in your online store or at your physical store or on your iPhone. With an iPad and a card reader, you are set up to take your store into all environments. When you receive a payment with a credit-card swipe, a customer profile is set up right away in your Shopify account. The PoS software comes with a Register feature that allows you to look up all the daily totals for different types of payments.

Taking care of the legal stuff

Your online store needs to get its legal foundation on a strong footing. With Shopify’s free privacy policy generator, you get all the information and guidance you need to create your own customized privacy policy for your Shopify store. The ‘Terms of service’ for your store is also easily created with Shopify’s Terms and Conditions generator. Building up on the free template, you will be able to add and finalize your Terms of Service exactly as you want to specify for your customers.

Tracking Orders

When your customers call up to inquire about the status of their orders, providing them with the exact answer will ensure customer satisfaction. With Tracktor to, no matter which carrier you are using to fulfill orders, customers are served out the exact status of their package. Traktor is built upon a network that weaves in more than hundreds of carriers. Integrating Traktor into your store fulfills one of the most important requirements of your customers. Even if a customer does not have an account with you, they can check the precise location of their order. All they have to do is to enter their order number and their email address and they get to see the location of their package. When you have automatic emails to your customers with regard to orders, links to track the location can be added to the mails. Traktor is free for the first five orders of your store each month. Thereafter, there are different slabs with $14.99 per month for stores with up to 50 orders per month. A similar tool, Trackr offers an annual subscription for just $48 to cover 2800 tracking requests. The monthly pricing of $9 tracks 400 orders. Top ups are available to cover higher tracking requests.

Handling orders for out-of-stock items

Pre‑Order Manager is a tool that allows you to keep your customers on the purchase pathway with a seamless transition towards changing the conversion button into ‘Pre-Order’ from ‘Add to Cart.’ You can also customize this ‘Pre-Order’ button with text that you think up. From another perspective, the tool allows your store to cut down on investment in products prior to receiving an order. It is also another way of finding out the demand for a product before making an investment to stockpile. With the analytical aspect of pre-orders, you can assign the tool to depict pre-order buttons for particular products, and within a particular limit to the number of pre-orders. The tool comes at $24.95 per month.

Editing Orders

Edit Order tool takes care of all the changes that might be made by your customers after submitting their order. The tool allows you to manage customer requests with regard to addition or removal of items to orders. Customers might have picked the wrong specification in their customization of their product orders or addresses might need to be changed. All such editing is tracked by the tool so that there is no confusion due to the lack of a trail of what transpired. The tool comes at $19 per month.

Adding Reviews

When your store has reviews in the form of scores or even just text, potential customers are attracted while SEO is being achieved. Product Reviews App by Shopify comes with automatic design-merging with your store’s look as well as the capability to change the tool’s appearance. The reviews can be collectively exported as a CSV file with the reverse also possible. It is a free tool. To enable reviews with photos, Loox is a tool that automatically sends emails to your customers requesting them to review with a photo with the offer of a discount. The mails are branded with your name, logo and the message. After selecting which reviews you want on your site, you can publish them. You can then share these photo reviews on your social media accounts. The reviews can be featured in search results in the form of snippets. You can import your reviews from Amazon, Ebay or other sites

Working across geography

When you plan to spread your store’s wings across the world, the ability to offer prices in local currencies across continents is a crucial feature. BEST Currency Converter by Grizzly Apps enables your prices to be displayed in more than 160 local currencies. The prices can be presented without the decimals which are created during the conversion, as a round number. The currency rates are refreshed twice each day. Bitcoin is also a part of the basket. The Elite version of the app allows you to hide the converter while only presenting the price in the local currency. The Free version works with five currencies and is free for life. The Elite version comes at $9.95 per month.

Build all types of forms for your store

Forms can be necessitated before conversion or during or pre/post purchase communications between you and your customers. Form Builder is an App that allows you to create all the types of forms that you want to collect information or to interact with your customers. The free tool also notifies you either on mail or message whenever there is an interaction with any of your forms by any of your visitors. The forms can range from subscription, survey to orders and returns. Contact forms are among the basic requirements of an online store. There are 20 options for the fields that you use to build your forms including dropdowns. Not only do you get notifications when a form is submitted but an automatic response can also be sent to the submitter.

These are just a few from among the large number of tools and apps that Shopify has in store for you. Oh, don’t forget about Shoppr! It’s an Analytics tool built for Shopify stores, helping improve customer targeting across your marketing channels, be it Facebook, Google Ads or Emails.

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