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Top Tools To Run Your Shopify Store: Part 2 – Marketing

Shoppr's Guide on Marketing Tools For Shopify Stores

Email marketing

Among the free tools is Omnisend which combines automated email marketing with SMS as well as Facebook and Google retargeting. At the outset, Omnisend starts out with a welcome email to your customers after they sign up. This email introduces your store to the customer. Order confirmations, shipping confirmations, cancellation confirmations are buttressed with abandoned-cart recovery mails and post-purchase messages. The app segments customers by their response to email campaigns together with their shopping behavior. In the creation of newsletters, products can be imported from your store. Other free Email marketing tools are MailerLite Email Marketing and Seguno

Conversio is a tool that delivers email marketing together with ‘review’ functionality. With the recent disassociation of MailChimp and Shopify, Conversio also delivers fast migration from MailChimp as well as from other ESPs too. In the delivery of emails, Conversio provides its own targeting functionality through the creation of different target segments while also allowing the creation of segments that you feel are relevant to your audience. As its name depicts, Conversio specializes in campaigns that convert through its templates and flows that are optimized for conversion. Its dashboard comes with all the insights that you need towards identifying the exact performance of your campaigns and improvement suggestions. Among the features offered by Conversio are ‘Receipts’ which are upsell modules that you can drag and drop to your store in order to drive Customer Lifetime Value higher. Other features include Follow-up emails and Newsletter emails. Pricing is based on the success that you have achieved with your conversions.

Make QR Codes

With a QR Code that can be scanned by a smartphone app, you can generate interest among your prospective customers. When your targeted profiles receive an email or get a flyer in the real world with a QR code in it and which is then scanned by them, you can set up the code to link with a phone number, an SMS, a website URL or just plain text. QR codes can also be set up to contain information on inventory or on documents. Shopify’s QR Code generator is free and just like the free invoice generator, it is also available even for those who have not yet signed up with Shopify. And if you want barcodes for your products, Shopify’s Barcode generator is also free. All you need to do is enter the text or data that you want on your barcode and you can download and print it right away.

Facebook marketing

Getting more specialized in your marketing efforts, Kit is an AI assistant that you can get to do all your marketing work on Facebook and Instagram. In addition to Facebook marketing, Kit also serves your email marketing requirements. Kit creates dynamic Facebook ads by observing your Facebook traffic and the interaction that your customers have with your Facebook page. Further, Kit also finds out your ‘Lookalike Audience’ based on your store’s visitors who can then be targeted. You can communicate with Kit over Facebook Messenger or SMS and ask it to carry out the full range of marketing activities such as offering discounts or sending a Thank You email etc.

Social Sharing

To get a smart coverage of all social media platforms as well as optimize for getting viewers to share your page, Social Sharing buttons are a smart solution. Social Sharing Buttons by Zotabox delivers ‘Share’ buttons to your website as well as all of your social media presence. The tool which is available free as well as a paid option covers more than 20 social media platforms. The buttons can be modified over color, size, style etc. Without the need to do any coding, you can present social messaging options to the visitors of your store.

Product reviews

Reviews are among the most important marketing tools as they combine a natural description of your products by real people that draws in those who are looking for real information. Judge.me is a review tool that delivers product reviews and site reviews as well as photo and video review functionality. You can also add a Q&A component to your reviews with ‘Judge.me.’ Your customers get the capability to voice their opinions on email with the mails being customizable to suit your brand image. The theme of the component such as the positioning of the widget is also customized by Judge.me with the aid of CSS customization. The widget is compatible with any theme that you are using in your Shopify store. A review carousel is set up by the widget. With the deployment of SEO-rich snippets, your Shopify store gets an enhanced rating on Google Search. Also included is an ‘Automatic Social Push’ that drives traffic from Facebook and Twitter. The Judge.me tool can be deployed in any of 31 languages. A free plan is available while the premium plan is available at a fixed amount of $15 per month.

Page Building

PageFly Advanced Page Builder is a tool for developing pages that are optimized for high conversion. SEO editing can be carried out directly in-page. There are different templates for different niches. Page elements that are all designed for Call to Action are available for your store with PageFly Advanced Page Builder. The Work-oriented features of the tool include Social elements and Blog posts. The page elements that are designed for CTA are ‘Add to cart’ button, pricing tables, product with countdown, slideshow, collection list and Tab product. The quality of the content on your pages can be enhanced over the following areas: heading, paragraph, image, button, icon, list, Image with text, QR code, Accordion menu and Table. While the pages are mobile friendly by default, you can also customize to meet your requirements. The Free plan delivers access to 15 of the 40 templates that PageFly Advanced Page Builder has on offer. The Free plan has a limit of three pages. The paid plan at $9.95 per month or $8.29 if billed for 12 months together at $99.50 comes with no limit on pages.


Setting discounts, daily deals and flash sales can be implemented with Bold Discounts The Sale App. With this ap, you can set the discounts you want to offer over either a collection of products or over all the products in your store. A sale timer can be set in the form of a countdown towards imparting more dynamism to your discounts. The countdown timer will be displayed over every product that is a part of the discount. After you have set the discount, the app will display the previous price of the product in comparison towards aiding a more effective communication of the bargain that your customers are getting. You can set the discounts to be set for a particular brand, for particular types of products or for a random selection of products that you want to be offered with discounts. All the products that are on offer on a sale can be grouped together as a collection. A separate page for ‘daily deals’ can also be set up. You can also add icons or images to the products that are on a sale offer. The tool comes at $14.99 per month.

If you want to create discount codes, Bulk Discounts by Space Squirrel Ltd. Is a tool that delivers the ability to create as many as 250,000 codes in one go. With discount codes that reflect the spirit of your brand, you can connect more effectively with your regular customers by offering them special deals for special occasions. Setting up the tool is free for the first set while pricing thereafter is $1 for 10,000 codes, $3 for up to 100,000 codes and $5 for up to 250,000 codes. With this tool, you can customize your discount codes to better reflect the theme/occasion for which you are offering the discount.


SMSBump SMS Marketing + More by iSense Ltd. Is a tool that aids you in communicating through SMS towards better marketing optimization. The workflows are pre-built to be sent over different events such as abandonment of carts, new orders, and confirmation of shipping. While targeting with the use of filters ensures precise selection of the audience that will receive your communication via SMS, dynamic tags elevate the communication to a more effective level of personalization. All clicks are monitored as are other data points such as the ROI of a campaign. The tool is compliant with TCPA and GDPR. In the U.S., the tool offers PNG and GIF image capabilities with SMS.


Enable your customers to refer your store with the Referral Candy by ReferralCandy tool. You can set cash rewards or coupons. Another option is that of a special gift. The dashboard delivers the overall results of your referral program as well as the details of such referrals. The emails, landing pages, and popups that display the referral offer can be customized by you. Emails can be customized with HTML/CSS or with a drag-and-drop email editor. The tool is priced at $49 per month.


If your store has affiliates and influencers, you can manage the workflow with Refersion: Affiliate Marketing by Refersion, Inc. with tracking of referrals and the calculation of commissions. The tool delivers customizable registration pages and dashboards to manage your affiliates and influencers. Your program will also be listed in the Refersion marketplace thereby marketing your program to more potential partners. Affiliate sales on Instagram and Snapchat can be tracked with coupon codes. You can adjust your offers for affiliates at the level of each SKU by varying the percentages for commissions.


Taking Popups to the next level of interactive effectiveness is Wheelio Gamified popup by IT Trading d.o.o., which is the world’s first interactive exit intent popup according to its developer. The gamification of popups makes popups acquire a high degree of customer interest as the discounts and offers are infused with a real level of excitement. With improved rates of getting the visitors of your store to opt in through email or Facebook Messenger, you gain great value for your marketing spend. You can use Wheelio to bring in new customers through both channels of email and Messenger or just on Messenger. The triggers for popups are the exit, time on site or tab. Coupons can also be injected to checkout. Plans start at $14.92 per month.

Boosting conversions and sales

Sumo: Boost Conversion & Sales by Sumo is a tool that requires payment ‘only when you get more customers.’ The tool also works on increasing the average value of orders by offering incentives to customers at strategic moments in the purchase pipeline. Other features of Sumo are the capabilities to reduce cart abandonment, generate unique discount codes, convert window shoppers and growing your email list.


SEO Manager by venntov is a tool that delivers SEO scans, Meta content tools and keyword suggestions. The Tool creates structured data that is compatible with Google thereby enabling higher ranking. SEO Manager also identifies broken links as well as automating their restoration. Among 20 features that are on offer, SEO Manager says 15 are available only with its product. The features include Google results Simulator, Advanced meta settings, Google page speed integration, Google mobile-friendly test, 404 error logging, and Google trends integration. Pricing is $20 per month.

SEO All in One & Auto SEO by Softpulse Infotech offers all the standard features, dynamic Alt tags, meta-templates for product, search, etc., and suggests a subscription of four to six months to obtain best results. SEO All in One & Auto SEO offers an updated UI with additional FAQs that enables you to get your SEO right by yourself without any other expert inputs. It is a free tool.

Google Ads

Clever Google Ads by Clever E-commerce offers an all-in-one package of Google AdWords, Google Shopping and Retargeting Ads. The tool ‘optimizes your campaigns and maximizes your marketing budget.’ The tool delivers keywords generation, Search Google Ads, Display Google Ads & Banner creation and Remarketing Google Ads. With Google Shopping, you get a Dedicated Account Manager, Dynamic Remarketing, Google Shopping Ads, Product & Category updates and a weekly report. The free version works with Google Ads while the paid version of $49 per month offers the all-in-one package.

One of the best ways to grow a Shopify store is through Google Shopping Ads. With the latest change, Google Shopping has become free to list. But, Creating an approved Google Shopping Feed & running profitable Google Ads is a multi-step process. AdNabu’s Easy Google Shopping Feed App helps you easily create Google Shopping Feed & make your products available for advertising and free listing.

Listing products, however, is not enough to be successful in Google Shopping. To be successful in Google Shopping & Google Ads, Your feed should follow best practices. AdNabu’s Easy Google Shopping Feed  App has product scores out of 100 for each product, which helps you improve the product performance in Google Shopping. This product score is based on multiple attributes available in Google Merchant Center & also help you do better in SEO.

Web Push notifications

PushOwl Web Push Notifications by PushOwl is a tool that enables you to recover abandoned carts. It is an ideal tool for Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM). According to PushOwl, its service delivers results that are far more cost-efficient than retargeting ads. A sequence of three automated push notifications is PushOwl’s format. You can customize the notifications. The advanced features of the tool include the sending of product images in the notifications and personalization of the notifications with the data that your store has on your customers, the synchronization of which with the PushOwl dashboard is a part of the features of the tool. The free version of the tool delivers 500 impressions, unlimited subscribers and notification scheduling while the business version at $19 per month delivers 10,000 impressions.


Photo Gallery by POWr.io is a tool that allows you to develop the look and feel of Pinterest in your store with the presentation of your images. Galleries can be set up of your products, testimonials and press reports. With social sharing buttons, you can enable your store visitors and customers to share your images on Facebook, Pinterest, Google and Twitter. Call to action buttons can be set up to go with the images. Customers can search though the galleries with keywords. Customization options include the borders between photos, the spacing between photos and the fonts for the captions. The tool works with all languages. The free option allows display of five photos while Starter option at $4.99 per month delivers 12 photos. Pro option at $11.99 per month delivers 20 photos and social share buttons while Business version at $49.99 per month delivers unlimited entries.


Talking about images, Instagram comes to mind first and you can link it with your store by deploying the Shop Instagram & UGC by SocialShopWave tool. You can use Instagram images as a shoppable gallery. On your Instagram page, you can tag images with your products thereby allowing them to be shoppable from there too. In your store, you can link images to checkout by getting customers to purchase from the images. User-generated content can also be added to your gallery. The free version enables setting up of one galley and tagging of up to five products. The Free plan also delivers a Shoppable page. The Starter plan at $9 per month brings three galleries and searches by @ and #. Product tagging is unlimited and Moderation is also deployed. With $49 per month, you can also deploy unlimited galleries and Instant purchases.

Analyzing Traffic

NS8 Visitors by NS8 Inc. is a tool that enables you to understand your traffic at an individual level. Reports are generated with more than 100 attributes. They include the number of times a visitor has visited your store, the channel that brought them in, the campaign that brought them in, the possibilities of a visitor being a bot, device, browser data, etc. It is a free tool.

Traffic from outside Shopify

You can partner with other e-commerce stores by becoming a part of sixads traffic exchange. With the FREE Traffic & Ads by sixads tool, you can generate traffic from a network that spans 16,000 stores around the world. You can choose which partner products you want to be displayed as ads in your store. You can select the categories where your ads will be shown by strategizing on the right products that tie in with your products. Clicks on ads in your store are matched with clicks you get for your ads in other stores. As the name of the tool describes, it is a free tool. If you want extra impressions, they can be picked up at $5.99 for every 1000 impressions.

Traffic from within Shopify

You can advertise within Shopify in other stores in the form of product suggestions with the Instant Traffic by Eggflow tool. The intra-site ads consist of product name, image, description and price. The ads have a duration of 30 seconds in the lower right of the screen and can be closed. The ad can be customized to match your store with adjustments to background and color of the text. There is a 1:1 exchange ratio as well with the number of ads that are shown on your store being exchanged for your ads being displayed on other stores. With the Premium plan of $19 per month, you can select the devices on which the ads will be shown and the countries where they will be shown. With the Basic Free plan, you can select 5 products to be promoted.

Custom Scripts

If your store is a part of Shopify Plus, you can deploy better personalization with the Script Editor by Shopify tool. This tool allows you to personalize offers for customers during checkout. Line Item scripts generate discounts for particular products while Shipping scripts can generate discounts on shipping rates. The third type of script is Payment scripts that can be used to customize payment gateways.

With Line Item scripts, you can set a percentage discount or a fixed amount or both. You can also set BOGO-Buy One Get One type discounts with simple terms such as a free product together with a purchase or more complex constructs such as a percentage discount if on two product purchases and so on.

With Shipping Scripts, you can activate free shipping for VIP customers while with Payment Scripts you can set a default method to be selected automatically. Script Editor is a free tool.

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