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Top tools to run your WooCommerce store – Marketing

Shoppr's blog article on top WooCommerce tools for Marketing

If you’re looking to up the Marketing prowess to your WooCommerce Store – Shoppr’s Marketing team has built a list of recommended tools and plugins just for that, to help you grow faster and sell more.  

‘Smart Coupons’ is one such tool that comes reasonably priced for your first ecommerce  store as well as for up to 25 stores that you might be running or managing. The price for one site  is $99 and that for five sites is $129 while the monthly cost to deploy ‘Smart Coupons’ for a maximum of 25  sites is only $199. With this plugin, you can add the marketing options of presenting store credits and enable your customers to generate gift cards. Your marketing needs are met by the automatic issuing of coupons to customers while also restricting the issuance of advanced coupons. When you want to run a promotion, you can easily do so with this plugin in your marketing arsenal. You can generate the coupons in bulk and send them in  mails or add them to your social media posts. As soon as a customer makes a purchase, the plugin can be triggered to automatically create a coupon or a discount so that your customer is motivated to return. You can set the coupons to be made available for a minimum spend and to be valid for a specified time or to be automatically generated for a seasonal marketing push.

Jilt is a tool that implements all of your client communication including the crucial aspect of addressing cart abandonment. The automatically-generated and delivered emails are fully customizable. You can formulate the set of mails addressing a cart abandonment as a campaign, with no limits on the number of campaigns. Coupon codes to be included in the mails can also be set up to be automatically added to the mails. Targeting is achieved by segmenting your customers so that the right mails are sent to the right customers. Other communication handled by Jilt include thanking your customers for orders, gathering feedback and suggesting products. All data on cart abandonment and recovery is stored in Jilt freeing up your store with the load of all the data. In terms of identifying which of your campaigns are being responded to by your customers, you get to see all the exact data as with the exact recovery percentage you are achieving. Jilt is a free tool.

WooCommerce’s Customer History Extension gives you all data on each customer. You can see the browsing behavior of each customer before they made a purchase. When you know which screen the customer saw in their browsing behavior, you can launch targeted conversion campaigns. Further, you get to see the entire purchase history of each customer so that you can accurately deduce the lifetime value of each customer. The tool costs  $49 for a single site.

Pinterest for WooCommerce allows you to take your product catalog to Pinterest in a seamless fashion. Your visitors will be able to save your product images to  their Pinterest boards with a simple ‘Save’ button on your site. A pin in Pinterest will be linked to the equivalent product in your store. The markup that makes your images validated by Pinterest adds a higher level of sophistication to your images. The plugin allows you to select the images that are presented in your Pinterest account. Any changes that you make to the product’s price or description will automatically be reflected in Pinterest too. If you integrate the Pinterest tag, you can track the return on ad spend from your Pinterest ‘Promoted Pins’ as well as being able to target your customers with the promotions. The tool comes  at $79 for a single site.

Clever Ads campaigns  developed by Clever ecommerce keeps your Google ads in the right tempo by generating the right keywords that will get you linked up with the right customers. For image-based ads, Clever ads campaigns sets up the banners for you. You can change the font and color of the ads  in the dashboard. The tool also gets you to compete well by bidding for competitor keywords. A key area where Clever Ads works with you is Google Remarketing ads wherein you can target previous visitors to your site with dynamic ads on the products they showed interest in. Your ad placements on the  Google Display Network of sites on the internet are also focused on by Clever Ads. The subscription charge for the tool is $29 for a single site.

Focusing on Google and Bing, you can create an interface between your store and Google Merchant Center, Bing Merchant Center with Google Product Feed Developed by Ademti Software. The tool allows you to add more data than that is collected by WooCommerce allowing you to create more informative data on your products to the two Merchant Centers. The data fields can be set at the store level or at category level.  The tool fills up simple data fields for you. The tool is priced at $79 for a single site.

Conversion Tracking Pro for WooCommerce connects your store with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Perfect Audience and Custom Platforms. The tool also delivers advanced conversion tracking. The tool provides the interface to add your products to Facebook catalog as well as the ability to create multiple Facebook pixels towards working with other partners of your store. The expanded coverage of all platforms comes at $99 for one site.

Sixads Developed by Sixads allows you to choose where you want your ads to be displayed, in other E-commerce stores. You can choose stores that sync with your vibe  or stores with products that have linkages to your products. The plugin has a ‘Forever Free’ plan. 

Convertiply supplies forms that get visitors to opt in for emails. The popups that generate customer interest and motivate them to provide their email need to be innovative and have to trigger the customer to want to  check out your store. Convertiply provides 16 layouts for you to choose from while widget designs are unlimited. You can customize the theme of the popup as well as the content. The triggers can be set by you. For example, with the content that the visitor scrolls through on a page, you can set the popup to emerge only if the visitor has read 100 percent of the content or if the customer has read 50 percent of the content. Other settings that you can fix including the number of seconds after the page has loaded that  the popup will be shown. Widgets can be used to direct visitors to pages with offers.

A simple way of gaining the assent of your customers for your newsletters is to deploy a checkbox asking for their assent at the point of checkout. This is made possible by Newsletter Subscription Developed by Themesquad. In addition to the checkbox at checkout, the tool also allows the capability of deploying widgets in your sidebar. The tool works with MailChimp, MailPoet (Version 2) and Campaign Monitor. For a single site, the tool costs $49.

Affiliate for  WooCommerce developed by StoreApps lets you develop your own network of affiliates who will work as your multiple channels of marketing. With this tool, you can track every conversion delivered by each affiliate so that you can disburse the commissions accordingly. You can also get your customers to act as affiliates. The UI is only a single page making it a very well-designed tool in terms of ease of use.  The tool allows your affiliates to generate links and observe their commissions. The tool costs $129 for a single site.

Once you have developed a subscriber and customer base, you can provide your regular buyers with the option of depositing their funds at your store. Account Funds Developed by Themesquad allows you to implement this functionality and deliver discounts to customers depositing their funds at your store. The tool is designed to allow partial payment using other payment gateways if the funds in the account are low. You can also refund the amounts if your customers need them. The tool comes at $79 for a single site.

Get your customers to submit their reviews by  offering discounts in return, leading to more interactive relationships with your customers while also having the much-needed user-generated content. Review for Discount Developed by WooCommerce is a tool that generates coupons and mails them right after a customer has left a review. This tool costs $29  for a single site.

When it comes to pricing, the ability to adjust your prices in response to various factors is a key business imperative. Dynamic Pricing Developed by Lucas Star is a tool that allows you to offer discounts when customers pick up a particular number of a product. You can offer  a different discount for members and for new customers. If you want to offer discounts to products in a particular product category, you can do so. If you have different categories of subscribers, you can set different discounts for them with this tool too. When customers make a product purchase, you can offer associated products at a discount. The tool comes at $129 for a single site.

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