Connecting your Woocommerce Store with Shoppr

Once you’ve selected WooCommerce as the first page to connect and given it a name, click on ‘Next’.

You’ll be asked to enter URL to your WooCommerce store along with the unique consumer key and consumer secret to your store to authenticate.

To generate Consumer Key and Consumer Secret for your WooCommerce store, head over to the Admin Panel of your Woocommerce site

On the next page, click on ‘Connect’

On the Navigation bar on left side, Go to WooCommerce > Settings. On the top portion of the page, switch to “Advanced” tab and then “REST API”

Click on the “Add Key” button. 

Enter an appropriate description and give Read/Write permissions. No need to change the user field, click on “Generate API key”

Copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret somewhere safe, where you can fetch it when needed – you won’t access them from WooCommerce once you leave this page.

Enter the Consumer Key and Consumer secret on Shoppr’s setup page and click on “Next” to proceed & Click “Connect” on the next screen.

You’ll be then greeted by your Home dashboard displaying your WooCommerce Store’s data.